Do the Pen Y Bont Owl Hunt

The tale of Blodeuwedd and Gronw Pebyr is told in the Mabinogion. Blodeuwedd is the Welsh goddess of spring created from flowers, and turned into an owl  - read more about Blodeuwedd here.

During the restoration of Pen Y Bont, an unusual set of dinner plates was found in the loft, bearing a curious pattern which appeared to be flowers around the rim of the plates.  However, on closer inspection the flowers appeared to resemble owls.  Around this time we also discovered a mysterious painting bearing the image of a beautiful woman, surrounded by flowers but with owls feathers, on the inside door of one of the barns.  Soon after this, images and likenesses of owls started to appear around Castell Gronw and Pen y Bont Farmhouse. We have kept them and added to them over the years.

How many owls can you find around the house and grounds?

You can download a word document for recording the number of owls you find by clicking here.

The record so far is 42  46  49  53  56  57 86  94  102  118  129  137  152  165  178  189  203  258 ! 


Email your results with your name to Pen Y Bont to win a certificate for completing the Owl Hunt !

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Disclaimer: The owners cannot be held responsible for any misfortune arising from unauthorised removal any of the owls from Pen Y Bont. In the event of ongoing misfortune, owls can be sent back to the owners anonymously for taking back to the property, although it cannot be guaranteed that this will remove the effect.  Conversely, guests who have added to the owl collection have often reported an effect of great good fortune afterwards.